Dispatch [Q&D] “Chart equals Facts”… Idols, The Comprehensive Truths behind Sajaegi


 [Dispatch = Reporters Na Jiyeon, Kim Minkyung, Kim Hyewon] Stating the conclusion first, there is no sure way to know about it (sajaegi). “By any chance, is this sajaegi or not?” is something that could only be known through logical reasoning.  Actually, nobody could accuse someone is doing sajaegi and then show the proof of it. Just by considering the available facts, Dispatch was unable to make sure of it.

Then, is sajaegi is a misunderstanding? We can’t really make a conclusion like that. “Sajaegi can’t be proven” and “sajaegi does not exist” are two separate issues. Sajaegi is an open secret in music industry. The more it happens, the more it can’t be taken as a joke anymore.

Sajaegi is something that planned secretly between artist agency and record retailers. As long as agency and record retailers don’t show up their tax invoices, no one could find the substantial truth. This is the structural issue in the pop music industry.

Recently, B1A4 is under the suspicion of sajaegi. The fans TVXQ has raised this issue. They pointed out the sajaegi based on the hourly sales of album. B1A4 side’s rebuttal made the accusation diifficult to prove. Little by little, the lumps toward sajaegi issue has been overturned.

This time Dispatch is covering the controversy of sajaegi from different angles, from both sides of opinions, whether “sajaegi has happened” or “sajaegi didn’t happen”. We’ll also covering the mechanism how sajaegi could happen. Also, the pros and cons, and argumentative alternatives.

This is the “Q&D”(Question & Dispatch) section about controversy of sajaegi. We try to answer comprehensively all six main questions after considering agency, record retailers, Hanteo representative, fancafe members, overseas fans, etc  point of views.


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